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Sandy’s Bag of Magic Tricks




  • How to isolate different body parts of your horse and make them move independently-for riders of any performance genre and helpful for all other riders. Sandy’s teaches you about “magnets” which are often the root of of many performance problems.
  • Train you horse to be under control and supple, even at high speed.
  • Teach a horse to give to the riders hands slow down, collect up, round his back and drive with his hocks.
  • Learn the difference between the “hollow” and “stiff” side of your horse and how to fix each.
  • The secrets to putting a responsive stop and straight back-up on your horse, while maintaining a soft mouth.
  • Sandy’s specific techniques to make undesirable behavior uncomfortable for your horse and how to reward desirable behavior.
  • Learn what is meant by “framing up” and how to get your horse to to “frame up”. How to get a winning spin on your horse, including fixing the horse who does not cross over in front fluidly or speed up.
  • How to fix the numerous ways your performance horse will anticipate your next move.How to correct a lead change NOT executed.
  • Learn what drills and exercises every horse must master before you even think about changing leads.
  • Sandy shows you exactly how and why to “counter-canter”, and talks about the essential equipment to use while doing these drills and exercises for suppleness.
  • Learn Sandy’s secrets to success: the support team and nutrition she uses for award-winning optimal performance.