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Custom-made Sandy Collier Signature Saddles

These saddles are a direct product of all that I feel is necessary in a comfortable riding saddle. It keeps you close to and in balance with your horse. It is a cutting saddle by design with some extra padding in the seat. It is narrow enough that you don’t feel like you’re astride a 55 gallon drum! The stirrups are designed to be very free-swinging. The rigging is 7/8 , and the tree is custom-made to my specifications and is made of wood with a rawhide cover. This saddle is deigned to fit most any quarter horse.

  • Made with Hermann Oak leather
  • Real Sheepskin Lining
  • Stainless Steel American Hardware
  • inskirt rigging with cut outs to reduce weight and provide better feel
  • custom casted 3-3/4″ horn

I shopped everywhere to find an excellent saddlemaker who was still affordable. I finally found one Brad Cooper. Brad has worked for Sean Ryon and Calvin Allen. He brings skill and expertise that we’re not accustomed to on the West coast! He is willing to customize and make any design changes you desire. (THESE CHANGES WILL BE ADDED TO THE BASE PRICE).

–Sandy Collier

Offered as seen in this picture at $5500, however he can make one rough out with aluminum stirrups for $4950.00

Email for more information