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Learn Sandy Collier’s champion training methods with her much-loved video collection

Sandy Collier’s Horse Training Videos demonstrate her successful horse training methods to improve the balance and suppleness of her horses. Learn how to gain control of the horse’s body with corrections, drills and techniques to better control the horse’s movement and create a better athlete. While Sandy has made her mark in the world of cutting, reining, and reined cow horse performance, her horse training videos extend far beyond the competition arena. Sandy’s horse training tips are essentials for horsemanship of any kind including barrel racing, gymkhana, team penning, versatility, roping, or simply trail riding.

Sandy Collier’s horse training videos are in a class all their own. This renowned professional horsewoman has shared training tips that will help everyone from the novice rider to the seasoned equestrian professional, and every horse from the trail horse to the top arena competitor. These videos are a must for your library.  –JIM CAMPBELL Host of the Horseman’s Radio Weekly

When I get up at least four of my mornings start out with me eating breakfast to one of your DVD’s before I go up to the barn to start my day. —Mimi George Frye

See Sandy’s new kindle e-book, “Reining Essentials,” now available from Amazon!! A complete guide for creating a soft and supple horse.

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$69.00 – 2 DVD Set

Personality Project with Lyn Anderson & Sandy Collier

The latest DVD series featuring these two extra ordinary horsewomen sharing their insights, opinions, tips and tricks to help get your horse trained. Lyn & Sandy are real masters at understanding the various types of equine personalities and show you how to work with them to bring out their best. Fun, light, and very informative, must-have for your equestrian library.

Click Here for a fun section on whorls from this dvd

Horse and Rider article:  Horse & Rider Magazine highlights the Personality Project DVD

Two-DVD set, run time 2 hrs and 23 minutes

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$98.00 – 3 DVD Set

A Clinic with Sandy

  “A Clinic with Sandy” is a must for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to attend one of Sandy’s clinics live, is preparing for a clinic, or needs a refresher. It is the one DVD that a lazy horse hopes you’ll never buy, but a green one will be glad you did!

It is a 3 DVD live clinic series with clinic participants demonstrating:

  • Guiding, steering and collection exercise
  • Circling
  • Slide stopping and fencing
  • Lead changes with multiple exercises
  • Working cattle in the round pen
  • Reading cattle
  • Getting started going down the fence
  • Advanced fencework
  • Lots of information about training, how horses think, and Sandy’s signature philosophy of how to ride smarter not harder

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Demystifying Lead Changes with Sandy Collier

World Champion Horse-woman, Sandy Collier, shares her secrets to mastering lead changes. This video is aimed at all riders interested in beginning, fine-tuning, or mastering lead changes. It also includes drills to improve your horse’s responsiveness, collection and balance. There is a special bonus section featuring renowned clinician and cowhorse trainer Lyn Anderson and Sandy working with several non-pros in real time. Whether your horse is a youngster or an old show horse, Sandy’s got the cure.

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Introducing Sandy’s NEW Troubleshooting Video Series

In this new multi-dvd series, Sandy Collier, world renowned horsewoman and clinician, hones in on problems that plague every rider heading for the show ring. Sandy guides the viewer through her personal system of corrections and drills that pinpoint the real performance issues. She demonstrates her highly successful training methods and offers multi-disciplined tips and techniques that will help you improve your performance in and out of the show-ring. Whether it’s your first show or your hundredth show this series offers critical insights based on over 20 years of experience and success, to help you get the edge you need to win.

Save when you order all 3 Troubleshooting Volumes for just $175

Can be ordered individually

Troubleshooting Fence Work

  • Focus on speed control, steering at high rates of speed, not pushing on our hands, getting off our leg.
  • Boxing: making our horse ‘hunt’ the cow, making sure you have a left turn and a right turn.
  • What is ‘evacuation’ and how to fix it.
  • The most important part of the run:  Leaving the box and starting down the fence. How to make it seamless.
  • Keep your horse in the bridle and easily guided at high rates of speed.
  • Lots of showmanship tips to increase run content; for example, changing circles at the right time, getting your horse to read the cow, and how not to bore the judge by keeping the run flowing and going.
  • For better turns, learn how to fix horses that lean and drop their shoulders.
  • Learn about the “California loop”
  • Teach your horse to rate the cow and turn it tightly
  • Stay in control of your horse and the cow and how to stay safe
  • Working buffalo and using other horses to save on your cattle
  • Circling –how to get credit for circling consistently by teaching your horse position and shoulder control
  • Review and examples of most penalties and how to avoid them
  • How to warm your horse up for the fence work portion so he’s physically and mentally prepared
  • Why horses don’t show like they they school at home. How and why to fix that with live examples at horse shows

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Troubleshooting Herd Work

  • Credits and how to make them: make clean creditworthy cuts, stay in position, working time, degree of difficulty, quitting in good shape.
  • Reading cattle:  how to watch the herd be settled and evaluate cattle
  • Penalties and how to avoid them (terms like switching, hot quits, and out of position)
  • Time management: when to cut 2 versus 3 cows & chipping
  • Run content: committing too soon, chipping, time management, position, working both sides of the cow, angles vs too flat, long vs short,staying in position, cutting shape vs selecting a cow

I ordered your herd work DVD last week, and I am still amazed at the amount of information that is in it. I have every cutting video I could find, been to trainers for lessons, and have not heard many of the things that you are saying. How to get your horse cowed up was worth the whole cost. I am looking forward to viewing the rest of the series. THANK YOU!

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$98.00 – 2 DVD Set

Troubleshooting Reined Work – 2 DVD set

  • Demonstrates how reined work can fall apart in the show pen without proper shoulder, hip control. How to ride through it in the show pen and how to fix it at home.
  • Train your horse to stay “framed” while traveling in a circle at the walk, trot, and lope while on a loose rein.
  • What happens in lead changes, stops, and circles when we don’t have them soft enough. How to ride through it in the show pen and fix it at home.
  • Demonstrates how lack of collection causes loss of speed control—essential to good circles and rundowns.
  • Gain precision in patterns in order to: eliminate spin migration, shut spins off on the mark, hit middle markers, and run symmetric patterns.
  • All about the ‘stiff’ and ‘hollow’ sides–how to make them more even
  • Keeping the show horse maintained at home and keeping them happy
  • Getting your horse relaxed and keeping them that way at the show
  • Instruction on penalties and run content–how to up you’re your score
  • Getting your horse over gawking
  • Why horses don’t show like they they school at home. How and why to fix that.

I wrote you a while ago regarding purchasing your Reined Work DVD’s & I just wanted to let you know how much I love them! I loved them so much I also purchased Magic Tricks, More Magic & Reining Essentials the book! I can’t even begin to tell you how much they have helped me! I’m a green reiner, & nothing has helped me “get it” more than your videos. I’m a barrel racer & pleasure shower that was looking at purchasing a barrel horse that also just happened to be a reiner…..I was HOOKED immediately!

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From Green to Great

A horse training video that addresses the essentials for the horse owner–brought to you by a World Champion professional horse trainer. It’s loaded with tips and techniques you’ll use to improve your experience with your horse. Sandy is, as her show record indicates, a perfectionist, so you’ll get a horse training video packed with tips to challenge the entry level or “green” rider and above. Sandy recommends riders master the drills on this video before moving to the “Magic Tricks” video series.

  • How to make your horse “soft” and give in the face.
  • How to train your horse to lope correctly, with his head down, back rounded, and driving from behind while on a loose rein.
  • Train your horse to stay “framed” while traveling in a circle at the walk, trot, and lope while on a loose rein.
  • How to get your horse to respond to the simplest of cues–like how to stop just by breathing.
  • The secrets to putting a willing, dependable, and responsive stop and back-up on your horse–all while giving in his face.
  • How to side-pass your horse.How to lope off quietly from a stand-still.
  • How to ensure your horse will not move forward after you say “whoa.”Learn Sandy’s secrets to teaching your horse to neck rein and how to make your horse, who is already neck-reining, more responsive.
  • Tips for training even the most nervous horse to lope on a loose rein, stop, and stand quietly and willingly. Sandy says this technique has never failed her.

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Sandy’s Bag of Magic Tricks

“must have” horse training video for riders of reiners, cow horses, barrel horses, team penners, versatility, and just about any riding discipline. Sandy demonstrates how to solve many of your toughest horse training problems. In this new horse training video, AQHA and NRCHA World Champion, Sandy collier, shares her “magic tricks” to fixing the problems that plague performance horse riders. These are tricks that have taken her a lifetime to learn.

Seldom do I recommend a video this highly. However, I feel this is one video that will help every horse you have in the barn. You’ll get great results and use it over and over…Sandy’s magic tricks are some of the best training techniques you will ever use. –Larry Trocha World Champion Trainer

  • How to isolate different body parts of your horse and make them move independently-for riders of any performance genre and helpful for all other riders. Sandy’s teaches you about “magnets” which are often the root of of many performance problems.
  • Train you horse to be under control and supple, even at high speed.
  • Teach a horse to give to the riders hands slow down, collect up, round his back and drive with his hocks.
  • Learn the difference between the “hollow” and “stiff” side of your horse and how to fix each.
  • The secrets to putting a responsive stop and straight back-up on your horse, while maintaining a soft mouth.
  • Sandy’s specific techniques to make undesirable behavior uncomfortable for your horse and how to reward desirable behavior.
  • Learn what is meant by “framing up” and how to get your horse to to “frame up”. How to get a winning spin on your horse, including fixing the horse who does not cross over in front fluidly or speed up.
  • How to fix the numerous ways your performance horse will anticipate your next move.How to correct a lead change NOT executed.
  • Learn what drills and exercises every horse must master before you even think about changing leads.
  • Sandy shows you exactly how and why to “counter-canter”, and talks about the essential equipment to use while doing these drills and exercises for suppleness.
  • Learn Sandy’s secrets to success: the support team and nutrition she uses for award-winning optimal performance.

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More Magic with Sandy Collier

This highly recommended horse training video sequel to the popular Magic Tricks does not disappoint. This new video features Sandy’s methods for transitioning a horse into the bridle with loads of helpful neck-reining exercises. She will teach you how to create a quiet, responsive performance horse while transitioning to the bridle and riding one-handed. In this horse training video, Sandy also shares her favorite tack, bridles, supplements, products, and much more. Sandy Collier shares what has taken a lifetime to learn.

  • Sandy discusses why and how to transition your horse into the bridle. Which bit you should be using for best results, and how to transition to riding one-handed, how to get precision and control, and keeping your horse between the reins.
  • A fantastic technique to get a hot horse to relax and move the speed you want him to.
  • Sandy demonstrates exactly how to hold split reins and Rommel reins properly.
  • More counter-canter exercises to develop even more control.How to get your horse to wait for you to tell him what to do: what speed to go, how to position his body, stop, turn, back and even change leads.
  • Learn when and how to apply pressure and when to release pressure to create a more responsive and relaxed horse.
  • Sandy shares her exercises to create the much sought-after cadence in a turnaround.
  • How and why to “fence” your horse and how to solve problems that may arise in run-downs.
  • Sandy shares with you the only 6 bits she uses, how to adjust them, and how to use them for every stage of training.
  • Get in on Sandy’s secrets about her favorite saddle, saddle pads, supplements, products that make her life easier, and how she gets horse’s tails grow long.

Get Started Working Cows

This is another extraordinary horse training video from Sandy Collier where you get much more than you money’s worth. Sandy shares her critical horse training fundamentals of working with cattle which are essential for every genre of cattle work: cutting, reined cow work, team-penning, versatility, and ranch work. She shows you what falls apart if you don’t know these fundamentals and why you can’t progress without them. Sandy instructs the viewer while she schools her own horses of progressing ages and advancement, then coaches and narrates while her non-pro riders school their horses for what amount to hours of horse training video learning. Sandy has managed to de-code complicated cow work!

  • What to expect from a horse who has worked a cow only once, what to expect from a 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, and from futurity prospects.
  • How to determine if your horse has an aptitude for working cattle .
  • Secrets to creating a confident, controlled horse while working cattle
  • What is acceptable and unacceptable behavior while working cattle.
  • Learn the correct placement for control of the cow and how to teach your horse to find it on his own.
  • Learn Sandy’s most subtle ways to teach your horse that working cows is fun.
  • Learn the “ideal position” to maintain with your horse in relation to the cow and herd.
  • Learn about what Sandy says “gets more people into more trouble” and the secret to determine if you’re doing it.
  • Learn what professionals know about choosing cattle. Learn how to let the cow teach your horse how to stay rocked back on his hocks.
  • Sandy has a non-pro demonstrate her pet-peeves and how not to do them yourself.
  • Learn what the following terms mean and how to fix the ones that need fixing: refocus, hiding, evacuating, climbing, leaking, and more.

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$98.00 for this 2 dvd set

Training for the Snaffle Bit Futurity
With Lyn Anderson & Sandy Collier

A great new educational tape series aimed at developing young horses into Snaffle Bit Futurity prospects. Champion competitors Lyn Anderson and Sandy Collier combine a wealth of knowledge in training cow horses for the futurities. They share their highly successful methods from starting a colt in the round pen to winning down the fence in the show arena. This 2-DVD series is a great learning tool that is full of examples, tips, and step by step instructions. Use these videos to start you on your way to Snaffle Bit Futurity success or refine your current training program.

Sandy Collier and Lyn Anderson share their secrets to selecting, training, and showing a Reined Cow Horse Futurity horse:

  • Selecting a prospect with conformation and breeding.
  • Getting the colt started under saddle the right way. Training foundation for the two year old.
  • Advancing the training for the three year old.
  • Reined work training for stops, spins, lead changes etc.
  • Cow work training for down the fence and circling.Herd work training for the SBF two-handed style. Showing and tuning strategies.

To see the Secrets & Tips From the Masters series, please click here

I loved the segment towards the end, in which Sandy and Lyn Anderson observe several everyday riders and offer help and suggestions. It's not only packed with instruction, it's a hoot! If you want to be completely comfortable in the company of a friend who is on your side, who can simplify and demystify your horsemanship journey, and oh yes --  who just happens to have won the Snaffle Bit Futurity -- you might want to invite Sandy into your living room."  R. Wellman

After seeing a short clip of Sandy's video, "Demystifying Lead Changes", on Facebook, I was so impressed with her friendly, clear instruction that I decided to buy it. She does exactly what she says she will do: Poof! The mystery is gone! With her down-to-earth manner she seems like your long lost friend who's dropped by for awhile to help you out with your horse. Her explanations are clear and simple, and she offers step by step exercises to achieve your goal.


I love this book. I have been riding all my life and have tried numerous disciplines. Now trying reining and working cow horse. Her book is easy to read and understand. Explains exercises to practice and ways to fix problems in your horse or yourself. I also really enjoy her DVDs and watch them over and over. Lots of good points and excercises. A++++ Love her as an instructor.

I found the answers to a lot of issues I had with my horse. The "troubleshoot it" parts are excellent and so useful ! Sandy does not only explain clearly what to do and how to do it, but also tells how to solve the most common problems you are likely to be confronted to. I just love Sandy's approach and philosophy. This book is a must have for anyone who wants to ride and/or train a reining horse.

This book has a great way to start you at a basic level and advance you through to more advanced training for the horse and YOU! There are a lot of large color photos showing you the how and why but they don't come off as taking up space to make a book. There is just right balance of detailed photos and explanation. You will not come away thinking well that is great info now how exactly do I train this. She explains it very precisely. The book starts you at a basic level using pressure training and removing the pressure once the horse performs the desired result. If you can achieve all the topics she covers here you and your horse are well on your way to reining. It also covers equipment required and the topics build on top of each other so by the end of the book you have a solid understanding of where you should be going and how to do it.

Sandy Collier has distilled this book down to the best. I am a better communicator (and therefore rider) with my horses because of her being able to teach me how to train my horse....simply. When things seem to "head south" whilst training my colts I can simply aim for another one of Sandy's exercises and with no fuss or bother we are back on course.

If my colts had opposeable digits they would be writing Sandy Collier a thank you note for her REINING ESSENTIALS book!!!!

4 days loaded with great training, important information, new ideas and lots of fun on top! I can not thank Cowhorse Queen Sandy Collier enough for sharing her endless knowledge with us! This clinic was once again THE BEST!! Sandy has a way of finding the right solution for every horse and rider´s problem and thus customizing the training to each individual. I am truly honored to have the privilege to do these clinics with a true legend and my personal hero! Thank you so much Sandy!! See you at the next clinic in 2017!!

I wrote you a while ago regarding purchasing your Reined Work DVD's & I just wanted to let you know how much I love them! I loved them so much I also purchased Magic Tricks, More Magic & Reining Essentials the book! I can't even begin to tell you how much they have helped me! I'm a green reiner, & nothing has helped me "get it" more than your videos. I'm a barrel racer & pleasure shower that was looking at purchasing a barrel horse that also just happened to be a reiner.....I was HOOKED immediately!'

Sandy did an excellent job at teaching to all levels. She was able to explain, in broad terms, the basics for beginners and pinpoint tiny corrections for the more experienced riders.

Article by Emily Kitching
Read Emily Kitching's article Here


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for another GREAT clinic. We have had you coming to Utah for a clinic for the past five years. Your clinic just keeps getting better every year. You have a style that fits so many people, from the novice of novice to the open trainer. You truly have the ability to wear out twelve riders with your never ending style. All our riders from the clinic want to know when you will be returning. We had you for three days this year and that still isn't enough. You have helped Britney and myself so much again thank you for your GREAT ability to teach and your friendship.

Brian Adams, Adams Performance Horses

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