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Sandy Collier uses, believes in and endorses these fine products

Platinum Performance

A comprehensive nutritional formula developed in the Santa Ynez Valley by world renowned Veterinarian, Doug Herthel. It provides 55 nutrients to improve health, modulate inflammation and support cardio and joint function in horses and in people. Platinum is a synergistic combination of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, glucosamines, antioxidants, trace minerals, biotin and vitamins. They also have lots of other great products for people including Ortho-Chon heavy duty joint support so our joints can grow old gracefully. Platinum also comes in bars for snacking. “I never leave home without them!”

J.W.Brooks Custom Hats

I love my J.W. Brooks hats!! They are the best fitting, most stylish cowboy hats ever!! I wear mine whenever I need to dress up, go judge or to just go casual.

Geary Whitings Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider

“If you are not utilizing massage for your horses on a regular basis while training, you are doing them a great disservice, and you run the risk of your horses incurring injuries.”  THIS IS NOT HYPE, it is a well-founded statement from someone who knows. Over the past 43 years, Geary Whiting has worked with some of our countries greatest athletes, both human and equine. His proven techniques have helped take them to the winners circle time and again.  Discover how you too can learn the skills and the art of Equine Massage.

Prairie Karen

“A Touch of western elegance!” Prairie Karen offers something for everyone. Karen Ross grew up in a ranching family in Texas where her affinity for wide open spaces and horses began. This affinity grew into a passion that remains with her to this day. From a young age, Karen was also involved in a family- owned jewelry business where she developed an eye for quality and a talent for customer service. In the Fall of 2005, she started Prairie Karen from the ground-up, combining the passions of her life; involvement with horses and the Western lifestyle.

Twisted X Boots

The Twisted X Team has a gazillion years experience in the boot business. We’re boot people making work boots, not women’s shoe people trying to make work boots. It’s got to be nice knowing your work boots are designed and developed by someone who has actually worked. Sandy says, “these boots are so comfortable that even when all riding and work is done, I’m still wearing them.”


RevitaVet™ Infrared Therapy is the #1 name in equine preventive maintenance and rehabilitation.  It accelerates the healing process by better than 50%, utilizing state-of-the-art proven technology. With seven pulsating nogier frequencies, it is non-invasive, safe and easy to use, portable and affordably priced. It is a must for anyone concerned with keeping their horse sound and performing at the top of its game.

CowTrac Mechanical Cows and Flags

Nelson has spent a lot of time studying the mechanical cow and has utilized input from many trainers to make the best flag on the market. It operates smoothly and can be set up to go down the fence or around your round pen. It’s brilliant and we use it all the time. His customer service is excellent too! Let me know if you want to order one and I’ll put you in touch with him.

EQ Solutions Horse Products

“This is one of the best products developed. Imagine a shampoo you can just spray on your horse (you can even get it in their eyes). You don’t even have to rinse it off unless you want to! Dirt is attracted to this plant based product and is released to the surface where it dissolves in the water and washes away–really easily. Keep you horse’s coat shiny and never get your feet wet bathing your horse again! I even clean my tack with it-as well as my splint boots and polo wraps…even my truck!”