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Sandy Collier Horse Training Clinics

dest eq 004Learn Sandy Collier’s world champion horse training strategies first-hand at one of her horse training clinics. Sandy has gathered a wealth of training techniques she freely shares with her clinic guests. Her horse training tips are essential for equestrians ranging from cutting, reining, and working cow horses to barrel racing, team penning, and roping. Sandy’s horse training style includes the polish, responsiveness, and refinement of reining to the athleticism and diversity of working cow horses and cutting. During a Sandy Collier horse training clinic, Sandy spends the day sharing her endless tips and tricks for horsemen and horsewomen ranging from beginning to intermediate to the seasoned performer. Every guest at a Sandy Collier Horse Training Clinic rides away a more confident, more accomplished equestrian. Sandy attributes her success to her passion for learning new and better ways to train her horses to perform at their individual best. Now, clinic participants can learn from Sandy’s success. To get a head start on Sandy’s training philosophies, try one of her videos!

To attend or host a clinic, please send Sandy an email at

Just a few of the training techniques covered in clinics

  • Train your horse to be under control, supple, and framed, even at high speeds.
  • How to get a winning spin.
  • Put a willing, dependable, and responsive stop and back-up on your horse, while maintaining softness in the bridle.
  • How to lope correctly, with your horse’s down, back rounded, and driving from behind while on a loose rein.
  • Tips for working with the nervous horse.
  • Learn how and why to “counter canter.”
  • Flying lead changes with confidence.
  • How to isolate different body parts on your horse and make them move independently.
  • How to determine if your horse has an aptitude for working cattle.
  • Secrets to creating a confident, controlled horse while working cattle.
  • Correct placement for control of the cow and how to teach your horse to find it on his own.
  • Learn what professionals know about choosing cattle.
  • Keeping your horse rocked back on his hocks.
  • Learn what the following terms mean and how to fix the ones that need fixing: refocus, hiding, evacuating, climbing, leaking, and more.


2019 Sandy Collier Clinics

2/8-10 Art of the Cowgirl, Phoenix, AZ

3/14 Cowhorse clinic in Santa Ynez Valley, CA

3/30 Thorson’s Arena, Morgan Hill Ca (Versatility clinic with Bill Cochrane)

4/11-14  Equine Affair, Columbus, Ohio

10/19-20 Hurricane Creek Ranch, Lebanon, Tenn


2019 Barb Schulte-Sandy Collier  Clinics and Retreats

2/20-22 High Performance Clinic Rancho de los Cab, Wickenburg , AZ

4/1-3 High Performance Clinic V6 Guest Ranch, Parkfield, CA

5/9-11 High Performance Clinic Nueces Arena, Brenham, TX

8/13-15 High Performance Clinic Jackpot Ranch, Valley Verde, AZ

10/1-3  High Performance Clinic, Brasada Guest Ranch, Powell Butte, OR


11/7-10 Ride & Rejuvenate Retreat ,   Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, UT

For more information about any of these, please email me at “”

The difference between a High Performance Clinic and a Retreat is

 Our High Performance Clinics feature an in depth mental skills workshop the first afternoon. Then, the next 2 days will be spent working on technical riding skills, using the mental skills that you’ve just learned about. We will work on making perfect cuts, position, rhythm, learning about cattle and characteristics etc. We will also spend time working on softness, collection, guiding, as well as boxing and going down the fence. These are a perfect combination of skill sets for Reined Cowhorse, SHOT, Versatility Ranch Horse and cutters. They are power packed clinics, open to men and women, and designed to make you unstoppable in the show pen!

We also offer retreats, for women only. These are scheduled at guest ranches that have their own string of horses for us to use. We trail ride, do some arena work and work cattle where they are available. Time is also spent on confidence building, personal meaning in our horse lives, sharing our stories etc. We all stay together, share meals, and develop lasting friendships in these awesome settings.

Hope to see you at one!!

4 days loaded with great training, important information, new ideas and lots of fun on top! I can not thank Cowhorse Queen Sandy Collier enough for sharing her endless knowledge with us! This clinic was once again THE BEST!! Sandy has a way of finding the right solution for every horse and rider´s problem and thus customizing the training to each individual. I am truly honored to have the privilege to do these clinics with a true legend and my personal hero! Thank you so much Sandy!! See you at the next clinic in 2017!!

Sandy did an excellent job at teaching to all levels. She was able to explain, in broad terms, the basics for beginners and pinpoint tiny corrections for the more experienced riders.

Article by Emily Kitching
Read Emily Kitching's article Here


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for another GREAT clinic. We have had you coming to Utah for a clinic for the past five years. Your clinic just keeps getting better every year. You have a style that fits so many people, from the novice of novice to the open trainer. You truly have the ability to wear out twelve riders with your never ending style. All our riders from the clinic want to know when you will be returning. We had you for three days this year and that still isn't enough. You have helped Britney and myself so much again thank you for your GREAT ability to teach and your friendship.

Brian Adams, Adams Performance Horses

Thank you so much for the fun clinic!  I haven't laughed that much in a long time and learned so much at the same time.  We really enjoyed meeting everyone, what a funny group!  I have been to a few clinics ( although not a clinic slut ) and walked away really discouraged.  Once, I even thought about selling the horses and buying parakeets to raise for fun and profit.  You are a really great clinician.  Not only did you teach in a positive way, but you encourage participants to "think outside of the box".  The most important part though, is that I walked away INSPIRED to do better and try harder.  I can't wait to go out and ride today!


I was at Dom's in PA watching your clinic a couple months ago because it was full I did not bring a horse. He was kind enough to let me watch. I just want to tell you that 35 years of trainers and lessons (they have been good--they made me who I am this far) but, those two days watching you and the people you where helping--seeing it work through them was the biggest boost I have had in my life. I came home and my program didn't change but was improved ten fold.

When I get up at least four of my mornings start out with me eating breakfast to one of your DVD's before I go up to the barn to start my day. I am not a trainer; I am an amateur who trains my own horses. My western pleasure horses are going better with your DVD's My young  have such a better feel, and the one's I am starting understand it quicker because I know how to communicate it better. Thanks you so much for taking the time to spend with me. If you are ever within a 200 mile drive giving a clinic please let me know I would love to bring a horse.

Mimi George Frye

I wanted to thank you for an awesome clinic. I cannot believe the response I am getting with this filly. There were a lot of things that finally sank into my head when you were here. Your motivation really works for me as a student. I really appreciate you coming to the east coast to do this clinic. There was not a person there that did not learn something.

Jeffrey Gettys

I just wanted to send you a note of HUGE Thank Yous! for putting a wonderful clinic at Fresno State in January. With that being my first clinic, it was very intimidating but extremely educational. I found (and already knew) I tended to make a mountain out of a mole hill but didn't have the correct tools to do any different. But the things I learned at the clinic, and thank goodness are also in your book, were sort of ah-ha moments and the light has started to come on. I am hoping my horse and I can now become a much more productive partnership. Thank you again. It was a privilege and an honor to be able to ride under your superior guidance.

Tina Ries and Critter (aka Smart Lil Critter) - Bakersfield, CA

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