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More Magic with Sandy Collier




This highly recommended horse training video sequel to the popular Magic Tricks does not disappoint. This new video features Sandy’s methods for transitioning a horse into the bridle with loads of helpful neck-reining exercises. She will teach you how to create a quiet, responsive performance horse while transitioning to the bridle and riding one-handed. In this horse training video, Sandy also shares her favorite tack, bridles, supplements, products, and much more. Sandy Collier shares what has taken a lifetime to learn.

  • Sandy discusses why and how to transition your horse into the bridle. Which bit you should be using for best results, and how to transition to riding one-handed, how to get precision and control, and keeping your horse between the reins.
  • A fantastic technique to get a hot horse to relax and move the speed you want him to.
  • Sandy demonstrates exactly how to hold split reins and Rommel reins properly.
  • More counter-canter exercises to develop even more control.How to get your horse to wait for you to tell him what to do: what speed to go, how to position his body, stop, turn, back and even change leads.
  • Learn when and how to apply pressure and when to release pressure to create a more responsive and relaxed horse.
  • Sandy shares her exercises to create the much sought-after cadence in a turnaround.
  • How and why to “fence” your horse and how to solve problems that may arise in run-downs.
  • Sandy shares with you the only 6 bits she uses, how to adjust them, and how to use them for every stage of training.
  • Get in on Sandy’s secrets about her favorite saddle, saddle pads, supplements, products that make her life easier, and how she gets horse’s tails grow long.