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Get Started Working with Cows



This is another extraordinary horse training video from Sandy Collier where you get much more than you money’s worth. Sandy shares her critical horse training fundamentals of working with cattle which are essential for every genre of cattle work: cutting, reined cow work, team-penning, versatility, and ranch work. She shows you what falls apart if you don’t know these fundamentals and why you can’t progress without them. Sandy instructs the viewer while she schools her own horses of progressing ages and advancement, then coaches and narrates while her non-pro riders school their horses for what amount to hours of horse training video learning. Sandy has managed to de-code complicated cow work!

  • What to expect from a horse who has worked a cow only once, what to expect from a 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, and from futurity prospects.
  • How to determine if your horse has an aptitude for working cattle .
  • Secrets to creating a confident, controlled horse while working cattle
  • What is acceptable and unacceptable behavior while working cattle.
  • Learn the correct placement for control of the cow and how to teach your horse to find it on his own.
  • Learn Sandy’s most subtle ways to teach your horse that working cows is fun.
  • Learn the “ideal position” to maintain with your horse in relation to the cow and herd.
  • Learn about what Sandy says “gets more people into more trouble” and the secret to determine if you’re doing it.
  • Learn what professionals know about choosing cattle. Learn how to let the cow teach your horse how to stay rocked back on his hocks.
  • Sandy has a non-pro demonstrate her pet-peeves and how not to do them yourself.
  • Learn what the following terms mean and how to fix the ones that need fixing: refocus, hiding, evacuating, climbing, leaking, and more.