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From Green to Great




A horse training video that addresses the essentials for the horse owner–brought to you by a World Champion professional horse trainer. It’s loaded with tips and techniques you’ll use to improve your experience with your horse. Sandy is, as her show record indicates, a perfectionist, so you’ll get a horse training video packed with tips to challenge the entry level or “green” rider and above. Sandy recommends riders master the drills on this video before moving to the “Magic Tricks” video series.

  • How to make your horse “soft” and give in the face.
  • How to train your horse to lope correctly, with his head down, back rounded, and driving from behind while on a loose rein.
  • Train your horse to stay “framed” while traveling in a circle at the walk, trot, and lope while on a loose rein.
  • How to get your horse to respond to the simplest of cues–like how to stop just by breathing.
  • The secrets to putting a willing, dependable, and responsive stop and back-up on your horse–all while giving in his face.
  • How to side-pass your horse.How to lope off quietly from a stand-still.
  • How to ensure your horse will not move forward after you say “whoa.”Learn Sandy’s secrets to teaching your horse to neck rein and how to make your horse, who is already neck-reining, more responsive.
  • Tips for training even the most nervous horse to lope on a loose rein, stop, and stand quietly and willingly. Sandy says this technique has never failed her.