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Troubleshooting Reined Work – 2 DVD Set




  • Demonstrates how reined work can fall apart in the show pen without proper shoulder, hip control. How to ride through it in the show pen and how to fix it at home.
  • Train your horse to stay “framed” while traveling in a circle at the walk, trot, and lope while on a loose rein.
  • What happens in lead changes, stops, and circles when we don’t have them soft enough. How to ride through it in the show pen and fix it at home.
  • Demonstrates how lack of collection causes loss of speed control—essential to good circles and rundowns.
  • Gain precision in patterns in order to: eliminate spin migration, shut spins off on the mark, hit middle markers, and run symmetric patterns.
  • All about the ‘stiff’ and ‘hollow’ sides–how to make them more even
  • Keeping the show horse maintained at home and keeping them happy
  • Getting your horse relaxed and keeping them that way at the show
  • Instruction on penalties and run content–how to up you’re your score
  • Getting your horse over gawking
  • Why horses don’t show like they they school at home. How and why to fix that.