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Troubleshooting Fence Work




  • Focus on speed control, steering at high rates of speed, not pushing on our hands, getting off our leg.
  • Boxing: making our horse ‘hunt’ the cow, making sure you have a left turn and a right turn.
  • What is ‘evacuation’ and how to fix it.
  • The most important part of the run:  Leaving the box and starting down the fence. How to make it seamless.
  • Keep your horse in the bridle and easily guided at high rates of speed.
  • Lots of showmanship tips to increase run content; for example, changing circles at the right time, getting your horse to read the cow, and how not to bore the judge by keeping the run flowing and going.
  • For better turns, learn how to fix horses that lean and drop their shoulders.
  • Learn about the “California loop”
  • Teach your horse to rate the cow and turn it tightly
  • Stay in control of your horse and the cow and how to stay safe
  • Working buffalo and using other horses to save on your cattle
  • Circling –how to get credit for circling consistently by teaching your horse position and shoulder control
  • Review and examples of most penalties and how to avoid them
  • How to warm your horse up for the fence work portion so he’s physically and mentally prepared
  • Why horses don’t show like they school at home. How and why to fix that with live examples at horse shows