Horse and Rider Magazine votes Sandy Collier in top 50 Great Riders!

As part of Horse and Rider Magazine’s 50th anniversary,they voted on  a list of  their top 50 riders, trainers, clinicians of all equine disciplines and Sandy made the list!

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87 Responses to Horse and Rider Magazine votes Sandy Collier in top 50 Great Riders!

  1. John Bass says:

    Congratulations Sandy!! However, you’re not JUST in the top 50, and you’re not JUST in the top 5, you’re just the VERY BEST ALL AROUND HORSE TRAINER, RIDER, WHISPERER, ETC., I’VE EVER SEEN IN ACTION.
    WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!

  2. That’s so awesome! You go girl! I want a copy of the story framed and in our office. Please? This will get you preferential parking at the office. Just kidding. But maybe a margarita?
    Nice to be appreciated once in awhile.

  3. Show those kids how it’s done! I am always proud of you my friend.

  4. How exciting! Congratulations Sandy!

  5. Kris you’re TOO funny!

  6. John D Bass says:

    So, WHAT? This should be some sort of surprise or something? You’re so at the top of the list lady. #1 in my book!!! It’s a tribute to H&R that they’re so perceptive. You go girl!!!!! :-)

  7. Damn right!!!!!!!!!!! Whose surpised??????????

  8. Congrats cowgirl. Show em how it’s done. Great article

  9. Jack Wilner says:

    Never a doubt….Congratulations….see you May 14th at the Reunion.

  10. And they don’t know the best of what you do! You’re awesome.

  11. Carolyn Swan says:

    Congratulations, Sandy! Well deserved!

  12. Ginny Goodin says:

    congratulations Sandy! I always knew you were the best!!

  13. Nancy Dunn says:

    well deserved, congrats!

  14. Whooooohooo!! Sandy would make the list if were a list of one, she is the best. From her number one fan in Idaho.

  15. Damn right!!!!!!!!!!!! Whose surprised?????????????

  16. Wow! That is amazing! “Steamboat” is looking down on you & smiling to see what you’ve become! Ronnie said to say congratulations! Congratulations from me too!

  17. Carol Ackerman Dotta says:

    Way to go—I always knew it!!

  18. still on the top! well deserved and there by hard, disciplined work.

  19. Judi William says:

    Couldnt be be prouder if it were me!

  20. Very cool ! We love you Sandy ! Would love you more if you came back to Pa to ride with your old friends ! ha ha

  21. I love to come back soon and see you, Taz’s baby and your new horse!!I have to judge in Ohio in July, but won’t have extra time after seeing my mom. What are you guys doing later in the fall?

  22. Lisa, Tony, Dakota Anderson says:

    Sandy congratulations well deserved for a wonderful lady. You’re continued devotion, and courageous accomplishments never ceases to amaze us. We are very fortunate to know you. Tony, Lisa and Dakota Anderson.

  23. Judi William says:

    WHere y0ou from in New England, and why did I not know that?

  24. sandy says:

    thanks all of you!!

  25. born in Mass raised in NY

  26. Windy Mathews says:

    Awesome job Sandy!! We are proud to know you! :) Love Chris and Windy

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